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Women's NCAA March Madness: Are Notre Dame, UConn destined to meet?

Muffet McGraw leads her undefeated team back into March Madness in 2014.
Muffet McGraw leads her undefeated team back into March Madness in 2014.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The March Madness Women's NCAA brackets are set, and there are two undefeated women's teams at number one. On March 18, ESPN reported via ABC News that Notre Dame and UConn had been placed on top of their respective brackets, and they could meet in the championship game in Tennessee on April 8. However, they will have to get through several rounds to get there, and the competition will be tough.

Teams like Stanford and Nebraska could surprise people and come out on top. They don't have undefeated records like UConn and Notre Dame though. Stanford has a record of 29 wins with three losses. Notre Dame is hosting a regional conference at South Bend, but they will start off March Madness on the road.

After the first round, Notre Dame is likely to play Vanderbilt, who is ranked eighth, or ASU, who is ranked ninth. As for UConn, they are set to meet either Duke or Nebraska after the first round, and both are ranked in the top five. If both of these teams can remain undefeated throughout March Madness, they will meet in the end.

Kayla McBride, a guard for Notre Dame, said the following about being undefeated alongside UConn, according to ABC News on Thursday:

I think we're always going to be the underdog when it comes to Connecticut. They're such a great powerhouse and have such a great program over there. But I think it's just a bit of extra motivation.

The brackets in this year's March Madness are filled with talented teams and players, but the teams need to make it through to the end. What do you think? Who do you like going into this tournament? Do you think Notre Dame will meet UConn in the big championship game?

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