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Women's Movement Sweeps MassCann/NORML Election

2011 New MassCann/NORML Board of Directors
2011 New MassCann/NORML Board of Directors
Photo: Sarah Sparks

The results of the Annual MassCann/NORML Election for Officers and Board of Directors:

President, Mike Crawford also known here as MIKE CANN retains the seat in a contested race against Bill Flynn. Reported margin of victory, over 2 to 1, 50+ votes cast.

Treasurer, Steven Epstein, uncontested race.

Secretary, Niki Snow becomes a first time officer with MassCann/NORML winning in a contested race against the incumbent, Steven Epstein.

Board of Directors:

There were many candidates to choose from, a strong field and 55 votes cast.

Newly elected to the Board,

Chris Foye, Cara Crabb-Burnham, Valerie Malta, Micaela McGuane, Sara Arnold, Dave Tree, Glenn Prescott, and Darya Peckouskaya.

Incumbent Directors, Bill Downing and John Madfis also retained their seats.

The new board will meet next Wednesday, March 30th at Uno Chicago Grill, Newton, MA, 6:30pm.

Support MassCann/NORML, become a member or send a donation today, online or in the mail!

Rick Cusick, Associate Publisher of High Times and Freedom Rally Headline Speaker posts on facebook;

"Needess to say (but I'll say it anyway) MassCann just classed up its Board perceptively with the addition of Micaela McGuane. Congratulations, m'dear! Your election is just what MassCann needs"

"Spring is sprung & if you don't believe it, check out the new MassCan/NORML Board: Micaela McGuane, Chris Foye, Sara Melissa Arnold, Cara Crabb-Burnham, Glenn Prescott, Valerie Malta, Darya Peckouskay, Dave Tree, Bill Downing, John Madfis & my attorney, Steve Epstein (who will keep your asses out of jail). Niki Smokes, Secretary, Mike Cann, President. Marijuana Is a metaphor for freedom! Congrats to all!"


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