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Women's Medical Society employee gets 5-10 years for murder of babies

Shattered windows and dead plants represents what is left at the store front of the "House of Horrors".
Shattered windows and dead plants represents what is left at the store front of the "House of Horrors".
Screengrab/NBC Photo

On Thursday, March 13th Sherry West, who was an employee of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society also dubbed “House of Horrors”, was sentenced to 5-10 years March 13th after pleading guilty to third degree murder. West represents one of nine employees facing murder for the indiscriminate slaughter of babies surviving abortions.

Dr. Gosnell was found guilty of first degree murder last year and was sentenced to life in prison for performing illegal late term abortions where live babies were systematically killed if they survived Gosnell’s abortion procedures. It is estimated that thousands of babies were probably murdered in the Grand Jury indictment report.

Just Wednesday before the sentencing of West, Steve Massof pleaded guilty to two counts of third degree murder in which he stated, “fetuses and blood all over the place” according to Cheryl Sullenger who is an official for Operation Rescue.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Benjamin Lerner informed Massof before sentencing that Massof was “wise” to plead guilty to the plea bargain.

Massof worked for Gosnell for 5-years and was paid a scant $200-$300 per week under the table while Dr. Gosnell cleared an estimated $10-$15,000 daily for performing illegal abortions and writing illegal prescription drugs.

Massof admitted to slicing the necks of at least 100 babies that survived late term abortion procedures. The procedure was described as “literally a beheading. It separated the brain from the body”.

Although the barbaric practices took place for decades, Dr. Gosnell had a lot of help operating illegally due to a complete failure of Pennsylvania's state agencies not properly investigating the complaints about Gosnell's clinic. There were some firings in state agencies after the story went viral, but no where near the outrage was articulated compared to when violence against an abortion clinic takes place. The carnage taking place in Gosnell's clinic was ignored for decades.

For being the most prolific murder case in United States' history in terms of victims, the response from the media has been muted at best.

Elizabeth Hampton, Gosnell’s sister-in–law, was the first abortion employee of Gosnell’s to be convicted and sentenced for perjury against an investigation by the FBI and DEA. Hampton received probation in return for testimony which implicated other abortion workers at the clinic and Dr. Gosnell.

Gosnell meticulously chose employees he could manipulate noted Sullenger. Many of the women working for Dr. Gosnell suffered from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

The tragic circumstances surrounding Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society involved hurting and damaged people all around, from the unabated greed of Gosnell, the short-comings of the majority of medical staff, to the wounded women coming in for an abortion. The scenario mirrored the example of the blind leading the blind in the Bible.

Lack of reverence of human life is a natural progression that takes place with those associated to the abortion industry. Many people are damaged goods emotionally long before seeking an abortion. An abortion decision or those working at an abortion clinic appear to be tortured souls that manage to connect with one another.

Depressing is an appropriate adjective which describes the inside of an abortion clinic.

The root of all evil is the love of money according to a Bible verse, and this lust of financial benefit typically seduces those that decide to be a provider or user of the abortion industry.

Ex-presidential candidate Michael Huckabee recently shared that every abortion has two victims.

Actually, exploited abortion workers could be added to the victim’s list.

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