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Women’s History Month 2014 activities

Winter Roses
Winter Roses
Catherine Al-Meten

Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment is this year’s theme for Women’s History Month. Understanding changing perceptions of women in society, and honoring their contribution, is focal to activities designed for observing this month.

Take some time during March to learn more about women’s history. Enjoy learning about and teaching your children and grandchildren about women’s challenges, developments, and achievements.
K-5 Activities:

Jane Goodall’s Lesson Plan.

Grades 6-10. Alice Walker’s Lesson Plan

Other Lesson Plans.

Learn more about Women Who Changed History

Write a news story about Amelia Earhart.

Learn more about contemporary women scientists. I Was Wondering, a website all about women scientists and their adventures.

Women’s Sufferage-Women’s struggle to win the right to vote.

Six lesson plans for teachers from Edutopia.

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