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Women Rules


This new film comes out of New York. The film deals with the 3 stories. We follow the lives of Jennifer, Shelly, Chelsea & Claire. They are living in Men's world. Jennifer is 8 months pregnant and married to Keith. They are madly in love with each other & dreaming of their 1st child but soon Jennifer's heart breaks when she finds out about Keith's affair with another girl.

Shelly has been married to Joseph for long time. They have no children. Shelly has accepted the life of an abused wife. Chelsea & Claire work together as a bartenders. They are both visually raped by many of their customers until one day Claire gets Raped & killed for real. How would Men react if they were in the position of the women in these stories?

The director says Vinay Pujara; It took me over 1 year to write the script for Women Rules. Initially Women Rules was a short film but then thought that it would not do justice to the characters to wrap them in just 25-30 mins. Hence we decided to wait a little longer & pitch for feature instead. Under my production company Sun Om Productions we have made 5 short films in 2013. This film is by no means to offend any person/gender. This is a fictional world but the concepts in the film definitely deserve a moment in everyones time to be thoughtfully reflected on.

The Perks include coffee mugs, ephoto books, caps, T-shirts, hoodies, executive producer credits, and digital downloads.