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Women risks life, saves 12 horses in New River, loses everything she owns

New River reaches its banks during historic flood on August 19, 2014.
New River reaches its banks during historic flood on August 19, 2014.
Lori Kurowski

The stories of heroism keep coming in about what happened Tuesday morning in New River, Arizona. This quaint, quiet northern suburb of Phoenix, experienced flooding that hasn't been seen in decades. The rains came fast and furiously Tuesday morning. Normally dry washes filled up quickly, while nearly 4 inches of rain fell in less than an hour. It became obvious to those living in the area that a serious situation was unfolding. The river is capable of handling a lot of water, but not this much in one hour. Soon it began to rise and run out of control.

People began to scramble to save life and property along the banks of the usually dry river. One amazing story is that of a woman named Jane. Jane risked her life to save 12 horses trapped in their flooding pens. She insisted on having herself lowered over their pens to let them out. She did this heroic maneuver twice. Letting the horses out was their only chance at survival. Many of these horses were not Jane's, but those of her friends. Once the horses were let out, they could follow their instincts and get to dry land.

Little did Jane know, that at the very same time, her own home was being inundated with flood water. Unfortunately, Jane's Doberman puppy did not make it out of the flood waters in time. Jane had only had the pup for a few months.

In addition, Jane and her husband Travis, lost all of their belongings in the flood. Jane is considered a "hero" to those whose horses she risked her life saving. The community is devastated by the losses suffered by Jane and her husband Travis.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Jane and Travis to help pay for expenses.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. A facebook group has also been started for those willing to search on foot/horse for lost possessions in the river bottom.

There are additional people who need help in the area. Please follow the facebook group to see how you can help.

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