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Women projected to be leaders in the workforce


Corporate america has been "a man's world" for the past many decades.  However, the paradigm is shifting in that the glass celing is being shattered, removed, and eliminated.

"Whatever preconceived notions you have about women in your workplace, women in general, women and business ownership - throw them out, they are myths. Looks like the 2000s will be the decades of the woman." - Mauricio Velasquez, President & CEO, DTG

Since 1984, the number of women in graduate school has exceeded the number of men twofold, according to the Associated Press.  Also women own more than 47% of company stocks, and women are projected to acquire over 85% of the $12 trillion growth of the U.S. private wealth between 1998 and 2012.  Women in the U.S. currently spend more than $3.3 trillion annually (purchasing power), and 95% of family financial decisions are made by women.  Additionally statistics show that women entrepreneurs are projected to triple over the next 5 years.

The world looks bright for not only women in the workplace but women in general.  Now is the time for all women to pursue their career goals, personal goals, and most importantly, their life dreams and passion.  We are the future, and it IS becoming a true "WOMAN'S WORLD!"

By Cathy Holloway Hill - visit my website by clicking HERE!


  • Maxwell Pinto 5 years ago

    Yes, I do agree that the business world is changing in favour of women, with more and more women progressing on the basis of merit. There are many who say that the "glass ceiling" is being destroyed and will eventually be shattered, but there are others who feel that the "ceiling" in question is being reinforced by unethical leaders.

    I write books on leadership, ethics, women in the workforce, sexual harassment and bullying, trade unions, etc. and it is my policy to distribute abridged versions of these books FREE of charge to individuals who send a request to no strings attached.

    Maxwell Pinto, Business Author

  • Milton Phd MD CPA etc 5 years ago

    the problem with women making it finally to the top corporate rung is not so much their successes getting there, but they do carry on a feeling like they're women disguised as snot men but they don't really know it. women do lose their fem side once they get there. Wouldn't want a woman trying to poke at me with disgusting humor or her plastic poker she got strapped around her waistline.

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