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Women often find themselves seated backseat in the music scene, that is until now

Reflecting back on the history of music, the majority of the big name bands we hear about everyday have one big thing in common; they are predominately male. So what is it that keeps women down in this male dominated industry?

Front woman for Bikini Kill, Kathleen Hanna

One obvious reason is that like a lot of industries, especially those qualifying under media, talent comes second to the expectations of the industry. Females are expected to be sweet and polite, as well as half dressed and ready to be exploited on stage, TV, and pretty much all other public outlets. Why you ask? To sell their music of course!

There are those women however, who have always stood out in the industry because of their beautiful, yet rebellious attitudes, individual beliefs, and in-your-face ideals. Artists like Pat Benatar, Janis Joplin, Cyndi Lauper and Joan Jett, paved the way for this new attitude, sporting leather and rocking as hard as the boys in the scene.

In more recent times feminism has taken root in all different forms of music. In some cases, even all-male bands such as crust punk band Aus-Rotten, who have various songs illustrating the sad yet true statistics on rape, and unequal treatment. In many of their songs, they talk about how, although they are men with a very male mind- they are fighting to break away from any sexist way of thinking.

Taking the reigns in the feminist music scene, Kathleen Hanna- female rights activist and front woman for Bikini Kill, created perhaps the first real outlet for women oppressed in the world, and more importantly in the music scene. With songs such as "Don`t need you", Hanna illustrates the strength and individuality of women everywhere, screaming that women do not need men to survive.

With empowering bands like Bikini Kill, and more recently formed feminist bands like Sleater-Kinney in existence, women can more then begin to take a few steps up, and break free of the expectations of the industry. If the industry does not agree with what you are doing, use it, it makes for an incredible and powerful message!


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