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Women of YouTube: Nadineishere enjoys the community, being an entertainer

Popular YouTuber Nadine kissing her parakeet
Popular YouTuber Nadine kissing her parakeet
Photo courtesy of Nadineishere

Popular YouTuber Nadine of Nadineishere has nearly 4,000 subscribers and hails from Sydney, Australia.
She started posting videos to YouTube in 2008 and has since developed quite a following.
“I'm just trying to entertain like-minded people that may enjoy animals, science and the occasional silly video or tag video,” said Nadine.
She has even been in a few collaboration videos with other popular YouTubers too.
“I was in a collaboration channel with 4 other really entertaining and brilliant YouTubers called VisualGramophone,” said Nadine. “We all had a day we would post once a week around a theme or a challenge and we did that for a few months. It's a shame we couldn't keep it up, but it was a lot of fun whilst it lasted.”
Nadine said she is happy to have found the sense of community that YouTube offers.
“I really admired the sense of community that YouTube offered which made me decide to start my own channel in the hopes of making some new friends,” said Nadine.
She has even started a second channel named Nadineisgaming.
The first channels Nadine started by watching were Vlogbrothers, Charlieissocoolike, and CommunityChannel with Natalie.
She is excited now to get going on a series of new science videos.
“(I) have plans of making videos about lab-grown meat and debates on what defines a species,” said Nadine.
She says the most important theme in her videos is that she enjoyed making them.
“I think that my channel reflects who I am as a person,” said Nadine.
Attributing her popularity in the U.S. to her content and presentation, Nadine says that her American audience seems to enjoy her accent.
When she isn’t making videos, Nadine is busy with her school work. She is a student in college.
“When I'm not at university, I'm usually watching whole seasons of TV shows like Hannibal and Game of Thrones, (which I'm really enjoying at the moment), playing video games or reading a good book,” Nadine said.
When asked about how she decided on the name for her channel, she said that she had some trouble. Nadineishere works for her she says.
Nadine is like a lot of YouTube personalities, and she says that she was a little bit scared of putting herself out there for the world to see.
“But there's nothing else you can really do except put yourself out there and see what happens,” said Nadine. “But, it's just like real life, not everyone is going to be a fan of you, and that's okay. Even if you connect with just one person who appreciates what you do, and who you are, then it's all worth it.”
Putting herself out there has made Nadine friends and as many as 13,885 views on her top videos.
“I think YouTube is a fantastic platform,” said Nadine. “I now have friends on almost every continent on the planet, and without this platform that wouldn't be possible.”
“My first YouTube friend, Tye (Greenlikeenvy) was the first YouTuber that I connected with and met,” said Nadine. “I met him during the first year that I started making videos, during a period where I was doubting whether I would continue to post videos. He really supported me throughout that time and if he wasn't there I'm not sure if I would be still making videos today.”
She has also met some girls that she is proud to call friends.
Neonfiona, Reianaisawesome and Kerstinadelee are also great friends of mine that have showed me ongoing encouragement,” said Nadine. “They're featured in my WE GOT IT! video.”
There are many “trolls” putting people down on YouTube in the comments, but Nadine says that doesn’t get her down.
“Of course, I always reply to comments,” said Nadine. “The feedback on the videos I post is one of the most rewarding parts of making them.”
She says she has had her share of negative comments, but she just ignores them or is extremely kind to them until all the fight is taken out of them.
But being a female YouTuber also has its own quirks.
“You also get weird video requests,” said Nadine. “I recently got a message that asked if I could send them a pair of worn panties which was weird and I got asked if I could make a video with nothing else except me tearing paper. Apparently, there are not enough of those videos on YouTube.”
Nadine has advice for anyone who is thinking of starting their own channel.
“If you're planning on starting a YouTube account make sure that you're making videos that you enjoy and are interested in, instead of looking for 'fame' and a whole lot of subscribers,” said Nadine. “That is the wrong way to go about it.”
For those that haven’t heard of Nadineishere, she has a message for you.
“My channel is a reflection of who I am, and if you would like an Australian friend, feel free to watch and talk to me on my YouTube, Facebook or Twitter,” said Nadine.
What is up next? Nadine is about to start recording a video reviewing the original Star Wars trilogy.

 Popular YouTuber Nadine kissing her parakeet from channel Nadineishere
Photo courtesy of Nadineishere
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