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Women of YouTube: Mary Okletsjam1 started out making videos from her dorm room

Women of YouTube: Mary Okletsjam1 started out making videos from her dorm room
Women of YouTube: Mary Okletsjam1 started out making videos from her dorm room
Thank to Mary Akemon for this photo

Florida native, Mary, of channel OkLetsJam1 on YouTube, started making videos in 2010 from her dorm room. Now she has over a thousand YouTube subscribers.

Mary is going to be part of a fun series of upcoming collaborations about the Women of YouTube. The date of release will be announced soon. Those interested can check Mary’s Twitter page for updates.

“The project is being hosted by my good friend MarinaShutUp,” said Mary.

She thinks her recent subscriber growth is a positive thing, and a sign of things to come.

“I can’t image myself quitting after getting this far and looking at how much effort I’ve put in over the past 4 years,” said Mary.

The college student says that her channel itself doesn’t really have a main topic, because she likes to get all kinds of discussions going.

“I just like to get people’s minds turning about different topics,” said Mary. “I make videos as they come to me and even have a short list of topics I could talk about it. I love filming and editing, and I couldn’t possibly begin to tell you all the ideas.”

She says she started off as a viewer of YouTube, and it escalated from there.

“I watched people like Mitchell Davis, LisaNova, CTFxC and others,” said Mary. “While I was watching their content I was like “Okay, I can do this too”. I had always loved filming things on my computer webcam and had never posted anything, and one day I just decide to and see where it would go.”

Mary is busy with school work when she is not making videos. She says she is comfortable when she has something to do and likes a bit of stress.

“I think education is one of the most important things to have,” said Mary. “I’m a big promoter of going to college.”

“I mostly do stuff within Student Government, for example I am on the Homecoming Exec. Committee and a student Senator for my college,” Mary said about her extracurriculars.

The OkLet’sJam1 creator used to do mostly daily vlogs, but Mary said she thought maybe her life was too boring for that.

“The videos I mainly make are video blog style,” said Mary. “(My favorite video) would be the sibling tag I did with my brother and sister. I just had a lot of fun laughing with them while we filmed it.”

For Mary, making videos has been an outlet for fun. She said she was never worried about people liking her, because she didn’t think her channel would generate as much interest as it has.

“I just figured I would try it out, and I didn’t really care about whether people liked it,” said Mary. “Now days that is a lot different, but initially it wasn’t a factor. At least, I don’t remember it being a factor.”

At first, Mary didn’t tell her friends and family in real life about her videos being online. Now that she has gotten better at making interesting content, and she has more self-confidence she is telling more people about what she has out there.

“I just feel more comfortable with what I’m making to tell people,” said Mary. “As I spent more time around YouTube and its community, I definitely had friends that encouraged me (too).”

You can catch Mary’s newest videos going up at 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

Mary says that she isn’t sure how to be a comedic entertainer, so she thinks “let’s be awkward, and hopefully someone will find it endearing.”

She said that can lighten the mood when the topic of conversation is serious.

Looking at the OkLet’sJam1 channel it is apparent that there are not any negative comments that haven’t been addressed.

Mary calls herself lucky for just not getting a lot of negative comments. She says every once in a while she will get a bad one. She will delete a comment if it isn’t helpful and can’t be worked out, or she will address negative comments that may just be the product of ignorance.

“I have a pretty tough shell when it comes to people I don’t know, so I can take it as long as it’s not someone I know personally,” said Mary.

The Floridian said that she has a few favorite YouTube channels of her own. She said she measures how much she likes a channel by whether she is excited to click on their new videos as they come out and whether she can sit through whole videos.

“A couple of my favorites are Lesliefoundhergrail, Grace Helbig, Haltimava, Gunnarolla, and Essiebutton,” said Mary.

Mary doesn’t have any plans for making YouTube her job after college. She said it’s more of a fun hobby.

“At the end of the day I’m just joining in with everyone else,” said Mary of YouTube being a community.

And that community will meet in June at VidCon.

So, what could be next for Mary?

“I have thought about getting another channel for Makeup and Beauty, but am going to wait,” said Mary. “I set a goal for myself at 1000 (subscribers) to make that channel, but once I got there I decided I needed more time. So I’ve stretched it to 1500.”

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