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Women of YouTube: LaurBubble makes people laugh

Bubble explains what the REAL meanings are behind British sayings with the lovely @HeyNadine.
Bubble explains what the REAL meanings are behind British sayings with the lovely @HeyNadine.
Thanks to LaurBubble for this screen shot

LaurBubble, the famous British YouTube personality has used her channel as a launching pad into television.

 LaurBubble, a hilarious YouTube sketch and vlog channel
Thanks to Laura Bubble for this screen shot

“Work-wise, I’ve been lucky enough to work with BBC Comedy, Hat Trick Productions and appear on the Comedy Central adverts this year,” said Bubble.

The television channel Comedy Central has set out to bring the newest and freshest talent to the masses, and Bubble is one of the “Hand Picked.”

“Her videos are polished, fast-paced and frequent, and she’s one of few artists whose editing skills are matched only by her on-screen talent,” said the Comedy Central website of why they picked Bubble.

Her channel is a mix of comedy sketches and commentary about life.

Bubble’s most viewed video, Types of Freshers, talks about her experience in college. Freshers are first year university students or freshmen.

She has been making videos for an impressive 7 years.

“At that time, video blogging was quite unheard of so not many people knew that I did it,” said Bubble of her start.

So, what is a LaurBubble? It’s just Bubble’s nickname plus a random word she selected for her channel where she uploads videos every Sunday.

“When I first began making videos we didn’t use our full names,” said Bubble. “We used usernames, so I go by LaurBubble, which I still use now. I keep my full name private for security and privacy, so I’m known online as LaurBubble; or some people call me Laura Bubble.”

She keeps up with her fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Bubble started making YouTube videos without telling her family and friends out of boredom in 2007. She quickly became interested in video editing, and after winning a Radio 1 competition her secret got out.

“(I) was interviewed on live radio about it, and then continued video blogging a bit for them,” said Bubble. “(I) was the TV reviewer on one of their shows, so everyone eventually found out about it. Since then people have been really cool about it, especially my friends and family. They’re all very supportive.”

Bubble loves to make character videos where she dresses up as different people.

“I suppose I just want my videos to make people smile or laugh and feel good,” said Bubble. “I believe in always being yourself and not giving in to peer pressure which I believe affects a big part of my viewers who are students.”

She credits the popularity of her videos to their relatable characters.

Bubble said she comes up with her content from being out in public and from what she sees at home.

“Also, a lot of the sketches are based on real life experiences,” said Bubble. “I’m naturally very clumsy and find myself in awkward situations, so anytime I get embarrassed about things, I pop them in a video.”

Bubble isn’t just a creator; she is also a watcher. She likes to watch AmazingPhil, Crabstickz, Kickthepj, CommunityChannel, DoddleOddle, NikiNSammy, LanaMcKissack, HeyNadine, WhatAboutAdam and more.

“There are so many awesome, talented people on the site that do fantastic videos,” said Bubble.

Since YouTube has become so main stream, Bubble said there have been some downfalls.

“When I began YouTube 7 years ago there was a complete mix of people including gender, ethnicity and sexuality and it seems to have changed a lot,” said Bubble. “I find it difficult sometimes being a female who doesn’t do beauty, because that’s so popular at the moment. It worries me that young women viewers are focusing so much on makeup and beauty products that they’re forgetting about gaining other interests.”

But Bubble said she won’t do any beauty and makeup tutorials any time soon.

“I refuse to give in to that, because I love doing the videos I make,” said Bubble about having found her niche.

She also refuses to sell merchandise or do tag videos. For example, she probably won’t show you what is in her fridge or how she would eat a tablespoon of cinnamon.

“When I make something it’s because I really enjoy it, and I hope you would too,” said Bubble.

So what is next for the blossoming comedian?

“I see myself always making videos, even when I’m an old lady with a cat,” said Bubble. “I’m lucky enough to get work from companies that have seen my videos, so I hope to go with that and see where it takes me. I’m also currently working on a sitcom which is exciting.”

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