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Women of YouTube: from Bankrupt to Fantastic with Jo Jo Fildi

Jo Jo Fildi shares her love on the vegan lifestyle with her customers and subscribers with clothing modeled after fruit
Jo Jo Fildi shares her love on the vegan lifestyle with her customers and subscribers with clothing modeled after fruit
Photo courtesy of FILDI

A newcomer to YouTube, Jo Jo Fildi just celebrated her main channel’s one year anniversary on May 27. In just a year’s time, Fildi has cultivated an audience of over 2 thousand subscribers.

Jo Jo Fildi just celebrated her main channel’s one year anniversary on May 27
Photo courtesy of FILDI

“We have been homeless and bankrupt, and have had personal loses,” said Fildi. “But we've always believed in the bigger picture and our ability to succeed through adversity.”

Jo Jo Fildi is a virtual name to protect Jo Jo’s family, including her two little daughters.

Fildi is an acronym for Fantastic Idea Let’s Do It. This is the name of Jo Jo’s YouTube channel.

FILDI is her business that is a culmination of all her creative pursuits including her creation of clothing.

“I had an Etsy shop for a few years when I used to write a craft blog, it never felt as if it flowed well,” said Fildi. “Despite getting some big orders, I didn't feel like it had any momentum. Then one day, I made myself a melon hat to cheer me up, and it all just snowballed from there.”

She says she now has found a niche.

“I adore making my fellow fruit bats hats and gloves that they can wear with pride,” said Fildi of her high carb low fat vegan customers.

Starting a successful business and YouTube channel is something Fildi has wanted to do for many years, but she had been sick and under the poverty line.

When she started trying to help others in her endeavor to help herself Fildi found the perfect combination.

“We had been through so many experiences in a short amount of time and thought that we should start chronicling our journey, which I hoped would help others,” said Fildi. “We wanted to talk about our lives, dreams and challenges.”

The main idea behind Fildi’s YouTube channel is responsible entrepreneurship. She talks about how she has built her business while putting out a vegan message of reducing the pain and death incurred by farm animals.

“I've enjoyed a lot of videos where I've talked about motivational thinking,” said Fildi. “My favorite videos are always the ones that contain laughter and spontaneous raw footage.”

For Fildi, it started out as a desire to feed her family, and having a family channel was important to her.

Many viewers on YouTube are parents and children.

Fildi has elected to teach her children outside of the school system. She homeschools her two daughters.

“We live quite an unconventional life, and often have to throw caution to the wind and go for it,” said Fildi.

In starting her main channel, Fildi said she was worried about what people would think of how she has chosen to live her life and raise her children, but it has turned out to be a point of interest rather than a disconnect for her subscribers.

“You'll never be able to please everyone, but as long as you're true to yourself and your audience, then that to me is the best outcome,” said Fildi.

A very popular YouTube couple, Freelee the Banana Girl and DurianRider, had encouraged Fildi to try to help others through YouTube.

Fildi and her family live on the Isle of Wight in the U.K.

She said her success on YouTube and in her small businesses has come down to her attempts to live an “authentic life and be the best version of herself. “

Fildi said she and her husband got past their financial and emotional woes by having a sense of humor.

“Our family is always laughing, and my husband is the practical joker,” said Fildi. “I grew up with my mum and sister, and we used laughter to heal sore hearts and to deal with challenging situations.”

She credits her mother with getting her started on sewing. Fildi’s shop has grown with the popularity of her YouTube channel.

“My Mum is an experienced sewer, but I taught myself to crochet,” said Fildi. “I've taught my girls to crochet and knit too.”

So what is next for Fildi and her family?

“Last year we did this animation (video),” said Fildi of how her efforts have built on themselves. “Last week, we were approached by IKEA to do an animation. That’s something really to be proud of.”

This is just another step in Fildi’s journey she said.

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