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Women of YouTube: Ellie Jayden is a small town girl in a virtual world

YouTube personality Ellie Jayden advocates being yourself and not putting up with bullying
YouTube personality Ellie Jayden advocates being yourself and not putting up with bullying
Photo courtesy of Ellie Jayden

You might know her from her colorful hair or witch costume. Ellie Jayden is a famous YouTuber with over 3 million channel views and over 28,000 subscribers.

YouTube personality Ellie Jayden advocates for those who have been bullied
Photo courtesy of Ellie Jayden

“I never thought my videos would get the views they did, so I really wasn’t ready for the criticism that came with putting yourself on the firing line of YouTube,” said Jayden of her rocky start. “But, I took a step back for a bit and re-grouped. Once I came back with a thicker skin, I really began to enjoy YouTube, and I came out of my shell more. YouTube has taught me a lot about myself and others. I am never going to please everyone, so I might as well just be myself and do what makes me happy.”

Coming a long way since 2008, when Jayden says she thought YouTube was just a channel for funny clips and cat videos, Jayden has now posted hundreds of videos detailing her interests in fashion, animal rights, favorite television shows, and more.

“Making videos started off as just a hobby, but it has been a learning experience for me,” said Jayden. “When I began making videos, I lacked a lot of confidence, and if you look back at my first few videos you will see how terrified I was.”

Now, Jayden laughs about having been scared.

“My channel means a lot to me,” said Jayden. “It’s a tool I’ve used to learn, grow and connect with people all over the world.”

Jayden broadcasts from a small, rural town in the midlands of Ireland.

She found that YouTube was a way to share her passion with the world.

“I found out that it had a strong online community of content creators who shared their opinions, interests and passions with the world,” said Jayden. “I really wanted to be a part of that, so I began posting silly videos of me and my friends hanging out and having fun. Then, I became very interested in fashion and beauty, so I began posting review videos and some tutorials. All of a sudden my videos began to get thousands of views.”

Although, many of her followers subscribe to her channel for the fashion, Jayden says she likes to pepper her videos with informative and hard hitting topics like bullying, social anxiety, self-confidence, and her experiences with these.

“I am really proud of My Bullying Story video,” said Jayden. “It took a lot for me to share that experience with the world, and it was really liberating to speak about it and have others share their stories with me afterwards. Those are my favorite kind of videos to make, as I think they can be helpful to others who suffer with similar issues.”

Jayden says talking about it has helped her personally. She encourages anyone in a similar situation to talk with friends and family to help the situation.

“Especially in today’s society a lot of people think it’s better to mask their feelings and pretend everything is okay,” said Jayden. “I want to create videos that make people feel less alone and to give people hope.”

Jayden’s fashion videos tend to stand out from the crowd, and she says she hopes that people see that and feel it is okay to be yourself.

She has moved past negative comments, and she continues to move past the less desirable comments below her videos.

“I enjoy responding to people who have something positive to say,” said Jayden. “I don’t believe in focusing on the negative.”

And some other popular people have noticed Jayden’s positive, be yourself attitude.

“The best comment I ever had was probably from Paris Hilton,” said Jayden. “She told me she loved a review video I did talking about one of her products, and she Tweeted my video to her fans and followed me on twitter.”

Jayden has found what she loves. Now it is a matter of maintaining and growing her social group and her hair.

When asked about how Jayden goes from Red to Blue to Purple, Jayden gave away her secret to keeping her hair in shape.

“I use a conditioning treatment once or twice a week,” said Jayden. “I rarely use heat on my hair. I also protect it with heat protecting sprays when I do use heat. I only bleach my roots every few months.”

She added that she gets her roots done by a professional and uses organic, vegan products whenever she can.

Staying in the lime light has been easier for Jayden with the help of her support system.

“My friends and family are very supportive of me, and I love them for that,” said Jayden. “I’d like to give a shout out to everyone who’s supported me and took the time out of their day to watch my videos or read my blog. It really does mean a lot to me and I really appreciate every subscriber I have, as corny as that sounds.”

So, who is Jayden when she’s not giving fashion tips or dishing on her favorite television show?

She’s a blogger with a lot to say. You can read Jayden’s blogs on her website.

“I am usually hanging out with friends, walking my dog, working on future blogs, reading or catching up on my favorite T.V shows,” said Jayden. “You’d be surprised at how much time and effort bloggers put into their content. It takes up a lot of time, especially if you want to be successful at it. I have been working really hard this year on my content so it is my main focus right now.”

Creative expression keeps Jayden going. She says it frees her.

“Being a bit weird or different isn’t a bad thing,” said Jayden. “I want to show people that it is okay to embrace who they are and love who they are. For a long time, I tried to conform and be what I thought people wanted me to be like, but that made me really unhappy. Once I made the decision to be who I am and not let anyone else dictate how I look, dress and feel, I felt liberated.”

Jayden wants to liberate her audience too, and she wants to share with them her love of fashion.

“My biggest fashion inspiration is Lady Gaga,” said Jayden. “I love her willingness to try almost anything. She dips in and out of different styles and never sticks to one look, I admire that, it’s really brave and adventurous.”
She also takes queues from film.

“A film called Paris Is Burning really inspired how I present myself today,” said Jayden. “I also love Sharon Needles, a Drag Queen who won RuPauls Drag Race.”

Jayden also loves the NYC Club Kid era.

“They really know how to embrace fashion,” she said.

Jayden liked the grunge era of the 90s, baby doll dresses, and the messy hair look too.

It’s all about wearing what makes you happy said Jayden.

“I think my channel is different to a lot of fashion and beauty channels, because I don’t follow trends, I wear what I like and I speak my mind,” said Jayden. “I love to interact with my viewers and keep the community spirit alive on my channel. I don’t bite, so pop over to my channel and say hello.”

As she invites anyone who is curious to her channel, Jayden also follows a wide array of different channels herself.

“My favorite YouTubers are TheAmazingAthiest, Matthew Santoro, LetzMakeUp, BadgeOfShame, and YogaWithAdriene. All very different channels,” said Jayden.

So what is next for the YouTube star? More videos about going vegan she said.

“I am still transitioning into Veganism, so I want to share my progress with my viewers,” Jayden said. “I would say I am predominately Vegan but I am not 100 percent there yet.

Jayden said that last thing to go has been chocolate.

“I am doing my best to cut out as much animal based products as much as possible, and I haven’t had meat in over a month and half now,” Jayden said. “I feel much better for it. I have been trying out new dishes, and I am going to try to make my own raw vegan chocolate soon. I’m also doing my best to purchase only cruelty free and organic products. I think it is important to do our best to make better choices for ourselves and the earth.”

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