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Women of Horror: Seven horror movies scream queens

Scream queens are what make the horror movie, they are the actresses that love working in the horror genre. So here are seven women of horror who are some great 'Scream Queens.'

1. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has starred in several genres in her acting career, but horror is a genre that she really put that mark in. Curtis starred in the iconic movie, "Halloween," "The Fog," "Terror Train," just naming a few big horror flicks of the late 70s and 80s.

2. Heather Langenkamp

Lagenkamp was Nancy Thompson, the teenage girl who took on Freddy Krueger. A very iconic role that makes her place on the list.

3. Barbara Crampton

Crampton is an ultimate scream queen that was in many iconic horror pictures, "Re-Animator," "Chopping Mall," "From Beyond," "Castle Freak," and recently in Zombie's flick, "The Lords of Salem," and the thriller, "You're Next."

4. Fay Wray

Wray is probably best remembered for her role in "King Kong," which was a large scream queen role. Wray though did star in other horror/thriller pictures like, "Doctor X," "The Vampire Bat," and "Mystery of the Wax Museum," are just to name a few.

5. Evelyn Ankers

Ankers was nicknamed the 'Queen of the Screamers.' The classic actress starred in many films like "The Wolfman," "Son of Dracula," "Weird Woman," and "The Frozen Ghost."

6. Danielle Harris

Harris started out young in the horror genre and is still going strong. She's in plenty of horror movies like the "Hatchet" movies, "Halloween 4," Halloween 5" the "Halloween" remakes, "Urban Legend," and several others.

7. Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau had made a name in the horror genre like "The Fog," "Swamp Thing," and "Creepshow," are just a few to name. By the way "The Fog" is her firs theatrical role. Many probably remember her name from the sitcom "Maude" too.

So those are just seven scream queens of horror movies.

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