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Women of Horror: Five villains of horror

Rhoda from "The Bad Seed," is just one evil character
Wiki: The Bad Seed

After looking at the heroines of horror cinema it is now time to look at the villains. So here are five horror villains that are unforgettable:

1. Pamela Voorhees-"Friday the 13th"

Never mess with a mother would be a good slogan to "Friday the 13th." A mother's scorn is deadly and with that here is Pamela Voorhees, a woman who single-handedly does as much damage as her son Jason.

2. Countess Elisabeth Nadasdy-"Countess Dracula"

What's worst than someone drenching themselves in virgin blood aka what the real Elizabeth Bathory did. Need I need to say more? Besides that Ingrid Pitt is devilishly good at playing this historical baddie.

3. Julia-"Hellraiser I and II"

All eyes are on Pinhead in these movies, but he seem to forget that Julia is just as bad. Sure, she made me just human, but that doesn't stop her from killing people for Frank and in the second one, she's even eviler. A normal woman would have told her husband about his now demonic brother, but instead she went with his plan and seemed almost to enjoy it.

4. Rhoda Penmark-"The Bad Seed"

Okay Rhoda may just look like a sweet young child, but that doesn't stop her from being a ruthless person. She was before Damien and even the children of the damned and the corn! She is just terrible and does bad things like drowning one of her classmates. She's called a bad seed for a reason!

5. Asa Vajda-"Black Sunday"

Barbara Steele is one of my personal favorite actresses. In "Black Sunday" (which Mario Bava directed) Steele character was killed and comes back 200 years later to get her own sweet revenge. She is after all a vampire-witch.

Well those are five villains in horror movies from vampires to vengeful characters.

There are so many other horror villains like Angela from "Night of the Demons," Asami from "Audition" and Annie Wilkes from "Misery," are just some other names. Share your favorite female horror villains in the comment area!

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