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Women of Horror: Five kick butt horror heroines

We just looked at women directors, scream queens, and now it's time to look at the characters in horror movies, who aren't the damsels in distressed, but they are the ones who take over the movie and kick butt.

1. Ellen Ripley-"Alien" Franchise

What's to say that Ripley, is one woman that doesn't like aliens and isn't afraid of showing it. Sigourney Weaver took over horror sci-fi movies by storm with her role.

2. Regina and Samantha-"Night of the Comets"

What makes these two characters so cool is they are just normal sarcastic teenagers living in the posh 80s, that once when the horror starts happening they become empowering heroines that are both funny but deadly too. Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney played the sisters.

3. Selene-"Underworld" franchise

Kate Beckinsale gave modern film audiences a character that you admire and one that wouldn't want to mess with either. She's a powerful vampire that follows her own heart and isn't afraid to stab other hearts either.

4. Alice-"Resident Evil" franchise

Milla Jovoich is one tough cookie as the character Alice, in the "Resident Evil" films. She's destroyed more zombies than any character from "The Walking Dead." Zombie fans and action fans can agree on that Jovoich and Alice just work.

5. Nancy Thompson-"Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise

Nancy aka Heather Langenkamp made the scream queen list too. She makes this list for good reason, Thompson fought Freddy head on.

So those are some horror movie heroines that aren't afraid of the boogeyman but instead he's afraid of them.

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