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Women of Horror: Five horror movies directed by women

We're looking at women in horror movies, and this first article is going to look at the women, who've directed some very cool and interesting horror pictures.

"Pet Sematary"

Mary Lambert directed "Pet Sematary," and she also directed its sequel. The movie based off of King's work, is a popular one that always makes it on best of horror lists and a must to watch during Halloween.

"Near Dark"

"Near Dark," adds a little romance like most vampire stories, but it doesn't leave out on the grit and horror. Dripped with blood, "Near Dark," is one of the best 80s vampire films out there. Kathryn Bigelow (who became the first women to win an Oscar for directing) directed this cult film.

"Blood and Donuts"

Back to vampires again, Bigelow wasn't the only one to make a good vampire flick. Holly Dale directed this low-budget vampire film from the 90s, that does have another great director in David Cronenberg, he plays a gangster. The movie is both funny and a little freaky.

"Slumber Party Massacre"

Amy Holden Jones directed this 80s slasher flick about a group of teenage girls having a slumber party and there is a murderer on the loose.

"American Psycho"

Everyone knows someone who loves this movie and there are plenty of memes of Christian Bale's character around the web. This 2000 cult movie looks at a serial killer in a new light.

So that was a look at women in horror, who were behind the camera. This new feature articles are going to be looking at women in horror films from like this one as directors and others looking at the actresses, the writers, etc. So stay tune for more articles about women in horror!

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