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Women not taking husband's last name when they marry

Women don't change last name after marriage
Women don't change last name after marriage

Several women and men in a class at The Way of Life Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia continued a discussion that was on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

It seems as if more and more women are not taking their husband's last name when they marry. Our grandmothers didn't have that problem because they knew that "the name came with the man."

Rev. Margaret Minnicks, Richmond ordained Minister of Christian Education, believes that when two people get married they become ONE including ONE last name. She believes that if there is division in something as simple as a name, then there will be a breakdown in bigger things later on in the marriage. Rev. Minnicks, who has officiated at many marriage ceremonies says, "When the father of the bride releases his arm from the bride, he turns her over to the husband to provide for her, to protect her and to share with her what's his --- including his name."

Here are some reasons cited on the Today Show why some women prefer to keep their last name.

  • They don't want to give up the family name.
  • They don't like the husband's last name.
  • They are known by their professional name.
  • They have careers under their established name.
  • Some say it's a hassle to change their last name on documents.
  • Some say they don't want to give up their monogrammed belongings.

Here are some reasons cited for taking on their husband's names:

  • They don't want to feel like a mistress when making reservations for travel and hotel rooms by giving two last names.
  • It might confuse the children.
  • It shows lack of respect for the husband.

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