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Women - new minority leading the majority


Minorities in the workplace are nothing new.  However, the new minority group in the workplace is women!  Female managers and executives are redefining what it takes to be a leader.  Assumptions about what it takes to be an effective leader are changing, and according to the department of labor statistics, female executives make up over 38% of the current workforce and the number is quickly rising.  It is estimated that by the year 2012, over 60% of the workforce will consist of female managers, executives, and leaders.

Following are a few critical attributes that women possess which makes them effective leaders:

1- They aren't afraid to re-invent themselves

2- They are more flexible with a "coaching style" of leadership

3- They are tuned-in to the needs and feelings of their staff

4- Not afraid to show courage under fire

5- Are very aware of customer preferences and need

Traditional top-down hierarchial organization structure, generally lead by males, is changing to a more collaborative team-oriented approach that emphasizes communication, networking, and balance.  Successful company executives, whether male or female, must be effective in keeping an eye on the company's bottom line results as well as be highly tuned-in to the needs, abilities, and dynamics of employees.  Business leaders must have the adaptability to manage a diverse workforce in an ever-changing business environment.  This style of management favors the unique attributes, talents, and personality traits of women.

Women are accustomed to multi-tasking, work-life balance, and delegating.  Therefore, this also places them in a position to not only successfully lead a team, but also ensure morale is healthy, wealthy, and strong.

This is an exciting and challenging time to be a woman in the workplace.  The perception of what it takes to be an effective leader is changing as well as the critical skills and attributes.  Women are no longer intimidated or focused on the "glass ceiling."  They are busy blazing a trail for their own future success!

After blazing a trail of success with a 28-year career in the male-dominated technology industry, I walked away from corporate america to become a successful entrepreneur within a 12-month period.  Click the links below for my story of determination, commitment, and a persistent and consistent mindset.  Failure IS NOT an option!


BY CATHY HOLLOWAY HILL, Founder and CEO of C. Holloway Hill Enterprises