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"Women need abortions and I'm going to do them"

Tiller's Sign
Tiller's Sign

Three years ago I reported women's health care provider Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed at his church in Wichita, Kansas (article). He had been the target for years of unbearable anti-choice protesters and physical attacks from Christians who thought they were doing their god's work. Since then, I recently watched a documentary, "The Assassination of Dr. Tiller," regarding the incident and everything leading up to that point.

Everyone has the right to their freedom of speech, but the wrong people can take their version of protesting to extremes. Groups such as Operation Rescue claim not to have any affiliation with extremists, such as Scott Roeder who murdered Tiller. However, the problem with these groups is they often generate severe hostility against doctors like George and foster an environment where extremists feel it's okay to think hating someone like Tiller and taking matters into their own hands is justified.

Regardless of your feelings, the documentary is very informative and shows every side of the story, from those who worked with Tiller to those who protested against him to the man who shot him. One part that really stuck with me was learning about Tiller's dedication to helping women and the sign he once displayed outside his practice saying, "Women need abortions and I'm going to do them." Debuted on The Rachel Maddow Show and currently available on Netflix, I highly recommend taking a look at the documentary, regardless of your feelings toward the issue (and here's the video series on YouTube).

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