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Women Leaders: GET GUTSY or GUTSIER

Women Leaders: GET GUTSY or GUTSIER

There are abundant programs for women and many of them are cook book recipes. If you are making dinner that may work but for down and dirty tips and techniques for leadership in the 21st century we need to go deeper.

Oh I know many of you are thinking, I’ve tried all the “how to” stuff and nothing is working. Or, gag, I bet this is another scheme to get to the top and not have to do any real work.

Nope. Wrong!

I want to offer you the research I have done for decades to get way down to bedrock. Being GUTSY is solidly rooted in the very core of our own feminine psychology. And there are definite ways to speak out and be heard. There are specific words and questions that when you ask them your colleagues, boss and direct reports will stop and think.

Being GUTSY means not losing that special something that makes us both soft and strong at the same time.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and then please, please take the pattern aware quiz at my website and contact my team for next steps.

Ready for a few questions: The biggest, and the one that will give you the keys to the kingdom is: “What is YOUR super objective in life? The one goal that stands above the rest?

Examples: Is it to be the best mother? Most physically fit for your age category? The best leader or supervisor? To make a ton of money?

Once you answer this and believe me it takes some digging, you will start to see the behavior patterns that are part of the puzzle.

Let me tell you my story: I want to make a huge difference in helping people lead free and full lives. That is a tall order to fill and for many years I did not want to listen to that voice inside me that said “Do more. Do more.”

Finally I realized that my mother had taken a risk to her own health and life to have me (everything turned out just fine for both of us). However, she did not know that when she was pregnant and she had been told it would be safer to abort for her own safety. In any case, she had the courage to “put her ass on the line” and once I thought about it and realized that I wanted to honor her courage I stopped resisting doing more!!

I also learned to leave the pattern of super achiever behind and become a creative collaborator which is more fun and less exhausting.

OKAY, take time and ask yourself what your life is all about anyway. And keep asking until you hear the bell ring that says “Yes, that is it.” Not sure how to find the answer, again you can contact us and we will help. Getting to GUTSY is amazing and then as my motto says “Keep going and keep growing.”

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