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Women inundate Governor Perry's Facebook page to oppose new Texas pro-life law

Rick Perry speaks at CPAC 2011
Rick Perry speaks at CPAC 2011
Lisa Mathews

Rick Perry has made some enemies in Texas. Thousands of comments have been posted to Perry's Facebook page by pro-choice women asking him uncomfortable questions about their menstrual cycle. This is to protest Texas’s new pro-life law that requires all women seeking an abortion to receive a sonogram and then wait 24 hours before actually having the abortion.

Here is an example of a post: “My period has been very sporadic. It used to come like clockwork, once per month, but I’ve skipped the last few months. I am thinking of taking birth control pills to regulate it. What kind do you recommend? Do you have any information to share about the low hormone kind?”

Obviously, this woman is not asking for advice as much as sarcastically posing a question to Perry implying that he is asserting he knows more about her health care than she does. That is a common reaction some women have had who oppose the new Texas law.

It may be controversial for some, but the new law respects the lives of the unborn who deserve to be given some thought before the women who conceived them make the decision to pull them out of the womb, thus ending their lives before they've taken a single breath. The fact that this new law is considered controversial is itself a quandry. However, it has strengthened my appreciation for the Governor and all those who worked to get this law passed.

As for Perry’s Facebook page, not to worry, conservative women are fighting back. Here is one such response: “Most real women are ashamed of most of you. Ashamed of the classless way you all choose to make your protest… Do you really believe anybody takes any of you seriously? Anger is fine, protest if you want, but please stop making women look ignorant and classless.”

I quite agree.


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