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Women hospitalized after moose attack: Unprovoked attack prompts moose warning

Two women were attacked by a moose in Colorado, putting both in hospital with serious injuries.
Two women were attacked by a moose in Colorado, putting both in hospital with serious injuries.
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Two Colorado women were just taking their dogs for a walk when they were attacked by a moose. The unprovoked attacked has caused the Sheriff’s office to issue a warning, according to CNN News on May 20.

Jackqueline Boron and Ellen Marie Divis were walking their dogs in Black Hawk when they spotted the moose. The creature looked right at the two women and “grunted.” Then the moose charged, knocking Boron to the ground.

Her attempts to get up were foiled because the moose kept coming back after her and stomping on her. Boron said the animal first got her in the arm when stomping on her. During one of the attempts to get up, the moose stomped on her head. After the moose came at her two or three times, she managed to get away and hide behind a tree, Boron tells reporters. The moose ran off after that.

Divis was also stomped on by the moose, but she managed to get away and run for help. Chris Hockley was at home and he described what he saw. He said he heard a woman screaming, "help me, help me, help me.” He also said that “This lady ran to her house “covered in blood.”

Boron, 50, sounds as if she took the brunt of the attack as it left her with staples in the back of her head and another 15 stitches on her leg. She also has four broken ribs from the Moose’s fury.

Divis was also hurt and both women remain in the hospital today. Divis, 57, is in “fair condition” in the intensive care unit of St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood, according to CBS News.

Both the women’s dogs ran off during the attack and were not hurt. A wildlife experts believes that the dogs may have spooked the moose. Wolves are natural predators of the moose, so the dogs are most likely what set off the moose. He may have thought the dogs were wolves, said Jennifer Churchill of the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

According to the sheriff’s office dogs agitate moose, so when walking in the woods it’s important to keep to keep the dog on a leash. He warns if you come across a moose, walk away. If you have your dog with you, control the dog as best as you can and get away from the area. Boron getting away from the moose and hiding behind that tree most likely saved her life, said authorities.

It is important not to walk towards the moose even if it looks docile at the moment. Boron said she learned her lesson the hard way, “Don’t mess with a moose.” She also said “Don’t hike (when) you know….there's a moose out there.” This attack happened just northwest of Denver over the weekend.

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