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Women hold a lot of influence when it comes to social media

Women hold the reigns when it comes to social media
Women hold the reigns when it comes to social media
Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

There may be more men than women in the world of technology, but one segment of the tech universe is led by women.

That would be social media.

To those of us that are involved with, using, and explaining to others what social media actually is, it doesn't come as any surprise.

To the average internet user, it might be a bit of a shock.

A new study says that women are the most influential sex when it comes to who will shape how Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will change for users of future generations of mobile devices.

Alex Hillsburg of did the research on this survey and he also has produced a telling infographic.

You can find the infographic at:

Here is some of the other information Hillsburg found:
- 12% more women than men use tablets for social media interactions
- On Pinterest women outnumber men by 25% which makes them vital part of the company’s $7.7 billion value
- Women are the biggest sharers of images and videos in the internet via Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest

Hey, everyone likes social media and interacting with family, friends, co-workers and even celebs. It seems women have become the influencers on social media; the next question is will guys feel left out, or will they go in a different direction when it comes to social media?

Stay tuned, and follow me on Twitter at @RickRoswell.

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