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Women Gamers Week: Jamie Lynn O'Dell calls it like she sees it

Jamie Lynn O'Dell
Jamie Lynn O'Dell

While many articles have been written on how men treat women within online games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, a blog by Florida’s Jamie Lynn O’Dell has been making the rounds for its strong yet unique manner of addressing the problem.

Jamie Lynn O'Dell is a straight shooter in her blog and on Call of Duty.

The strength and buzz of this blog landed her a feature in the Women Gamers Week feature going on here all week long.

“I wrote the blog specifically because of a conversation that I saw on Twitter about a girl getting harassed while playing CoD,” she said. “After a little digging, I found out there was this whole community of gamers whose agenda is to protect females from being disrespected while playing online games.”

Stating that she has also experienced the same treatment during online play, O’Dell says she doesn’t see the need for such groups.

“Their hearts are in the right place but who cares what some random idiot says to you online?” O’Dell said. “Boys will be boys. I don't have a problem with being called a [expletive] and a [expletive] by some faceless idiot who know absolutely nothing about me. What I do have a problem with is the racism and homophobia that is rampant in the multiplayer world. THAT is something we should be paying attention to.”

While blogging about modern first-person shooters has brought Jamie O’Dell her recent attention, her love for gaming started at an early age with the discovery of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

“My dad bought a NES when they first came out, I was four or five,” she recalled. “I was instantly hooked. I would watch him play Zelda for hours and I would play Super Mario Bros. with my older brother and sister until our fingers hurt. The first game that I was truly obsessed with was Super Mario Bros 3. I have played it a trillion times and continue to play it to this day.”

A fan of all eras and styles of gaming, O’Dell points to the story aspect of gaming as the aspect that keeps her drawn to video games after all these years.

“Every game has its own story, its own style, its own characters, its own world that you as the player get to control. I love getting into a story, whether it be Mario or Halo. If I want to be a cowboy one day, I can. If I want to be an assassin the next, I can. No matter what I'm playing, I'm having an absolute blast. Gaming has evolved so much since I was a kid and it is still an unbelievably amazing experience every time I play or replay a game.”

To check out Jamie O’Dell’s blog, head to

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