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Women Driving Excellence, supporting each other to succeed

Women Driving Excellence 2014
Women Driving Excellence 2014
Women Driving Excellence

Success in the business world and life isn't a given. The combination of hard work, desire, and determination fuel the fire to succeed. A handful of women are driving excellence.

During the Chicago Auto Show Woman's Day, a few trailblazing women were honored for their achievements as Women Driving Excellence. These six honorees exemplify the characteristics of starting, accelerating, fueling, and steering others to excellence. The 2014 honorees were Karyn Calabrese, Sherren Leigh, Susana Jung, Mary Cuzin, Natalie Martinez, Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins, and Elisa Camhort Page. During the event, these successful women in their respective fields shared stories about their journey to excellence.

While each woman's story was unique, the key component to their success was the desire to set themselves apart from others. Each of these women believe in their ability to fill an important void. For example, Mary Cuzin, CEO of Chicago Toy and Game Fair,is leading the way to show that games can promote creativity, enhance learning, and bring families together. Her annual event at the start of the holiday shopping season is a family favorite.

Each story of success sought to inspire other women to strive for their dreams. Whether it is tangible, short term goal or a lofty dream yet to be finalized, the stories show that success is within reach. The only obstacle between success and reality is doubt.

The Women Driving Excellence programming was part of the women's day at the Chicago Auto Show. In addition to celebrating the 2014 Trailblazing Women, ladies were treated to musical performances, special programming and a day focusing on women's priorities.