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Women Comic-Con harassment: Women say cute costume isn't consent

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Comic-Con is where everyone joins together to see new trailers for shows and more. "The Walking Dead" trailer came out and "Game of Thrones" shared a blooper reel. Now on Sunday, New York Daily News is sharing how the women who are going to this event say that a cute outfit doesn't mean you can sexually harass them.

A Group called Geeks for CONsent now have an online petition going on. They want the sexual harassment to stop at the event. These women are saying that they have been groped, followed and unwillingly photographed during Comic-Con. It sounds like it is a lot worse here than it is at other places.

Rochelle Keyhan, 29, director of Geeks for CONsent spoke out saying, "It's a separate, more specific issue within the convention space. It's very much connected (to the larger problem) and it's the same phenomena, but manifesting a little more sexually vulgar in the comic space." Comic-Con International spoke out in statement on Sunday to The Associated Press saying, "Comic-Con has an explicit Code of Conduct that addresses harassing and offensive behavior. This Code of Conduct is made available online as well as on page two of the Events Guide that is given to each attendee."

Women dress up in great costumes all the time for this event. They pick out really sexy outfits and dress up in them. The women that wear these costumes usually work on them for months to prepare and even want to make sure their bodies are perfect for it. That doesn't mean that they want people taking pictures of them when they bend over to pick something up. Geeks of CONsent is doing what they can to put a stop to it.