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Women arrested for starving 3 kids: Emaciated kids chained to floor and wall

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Two women are accused of starving their three children to the point that they were so emaciated that one little girl looked as if she had been in a “concentration camp,” reports police. Eraca Dawn Craig, 31, and her domestic partner, Christian Jessica Deanda, 44, were arrested a week after their children were found in these extreme conditions and taken into protective custody, according to Canada Journal on March 23.

One little girl was chained to the floor to keep her from getting at the food. Another child was periodically chained to a wall for the same reason. When police arrived at the Salinas, Califorina house last week to investigate child abuse accusations they found one child chained to the floor and all three kids starving.

Two boys’ ages three and five and an eight-year-old girl are the legal children of this couple. A week after finding the kids, the two women were arrested on child abuse charges. "It seems that the little girl was the major target of this abuse," Sheriff Scott Miller continued, adding that she looked "like a concentration camp victim."

The girl who was "traumatized" stayed in the hospital for about five days, reports Miller. The two older kids are adopted and the three-year-old is the biological child of one of the women, according to County Sheriff Scott Miller.

The women were arrested on various child abuse charges and they will be arraigned in court on March 28. Craig is a former correctional officer and Deanda is a businesswoman, described as a counselor in California and New Mexico.