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Women - Are you Hypocrites when it comes to Cheating

When it comes to cheating, are women hypocrites? Do we give ourselves a lot more leeway than we would allow the men in our lives? Most women have certain criteria that we consider cheating right off the bat, whether it’s emotional or physical. Once that line is crossed, there are accusations, fights and repercussions.

But let’s be really honest with ourselves. Do we do things that we know we would not tolerate from the men in our lives? There is the ex that contacts you out of the blue. While you know it’s not just to check on you for old times’ sake, you allow the conversation. Or the new guy flirting with you on Social Media; admit it, there is a certain boost to your ego to know someone else still finds you interesting enough to flirt with.

It’s really rather simple to figure out if what you are doing may be borderline or point blank wrong. If you need to erase the messages from your phone, if you wouldn’t want him to hear your side of a phone conversation or you don’t quite mention that lunch date that didn’t mean anything; then what you are doing is probably wrong and you know it. In the end you have to decide, is it worth it to you? Do you really feel the risk to your current relationship is worth that phone call, text or even dinner? If not, it’s probably best to avoid the temptation entirely.

· Have you ever communicated with another man in a way that made you feel guilty later?
· Do you give your man a hard time for things you have done that he is unaware of?

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