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Women and stress

October is Cancer Awareness Month and the world is in tuned with & fighting the good fight of helping to bring awareness to this dreadful & dreaded disease that oftentime kills. However, there is according to experts like Dr. Mehmet Oz, another hidden epidemic lurking about that is destroying the body from the inside out. That silent prey as termed by Dr. Oz, is Stress. Reportedly, over 90% of doctors visits are stress related. One must wonder given these figures, what in the world is causing this insideous attack to our health & well being?

Dr. Mehmet Oz a famed cardiologist who is also a professor of surgery at Columbia University, has performed over 250 heart operations, has authored  well over 400 publications on Health and is a valued & trusted friend of Oprah Winfrey's(Dr. Oz made numerous appearance giving expert medical advice on Oprah's Show) it would be wise to tune in to his Dr, OZ Show to get the answer to why stress is stressing us out. Actually, Dr. Oz is very generous on his show because he brings an array of experts/opinions/facts to the table when he's sort of lecturing about  living a healthy lifestyle.

According to these esteemed medical experts, triggers to stress in women are somewhat higher than men because women coping mechanisms are "fear" based. Women worry about everything from the economy, to the children,to a marriage gone bad. These fears according to Dr. Oz  often lead to sleep depreviation which can contribute to arthritis, heart disease and depression. With 80% of people worried about money, it 's estimated that 1/2 the population are sleep deprived.

Some things that can help combat triggers leading to stress and what Dr. Oz refers to as his Stress Reduction Plan are:

1. Remove caffine and sugars from you diet

2.Endorphines- the feel good hormones that comes from exercise

3. Meditate- inclusive of deep breathing and yoga

4. Antioxidants-  introduce yourself to Vitamin C found in oranges & others fruits and veggies

Other than continuing to visit your doctor on a regular basis, even on a much needed basis, tuning in to watch The Dr. OZ Show can become your doorway to enlighment in staying healthy... 

The Dr. OZ Show airs weekdays at 10am & 4pm on Fox Network. Check your local listings in your area.