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Womb transplant for 9 women

Womb transplant is now a reality for 9 women. According to BBC news, the 9 women in Sweden received womb transplants from relatives in hopes of becoming pregnant. Initially, 10 women were scheduled to participate in the womb transplant trial, but one had to withdraw for medical reasons.

Dr. Mats Brannstrom, who works with the University of Gothenberg, is the leader of the womb transplant project. Dr. Brannstom and his team plan to publish a report explaining how to perform the procedure as doctors across the globe are also interested in performing the surgery. This is the first research project to determine if womb transplant is possible.

Some women do not have wombs due to cancer or other illness and are therefore unable to get pregnant. The success of this trial could be beneficial to thousands of women wanting to conceive children.

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