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Womb transplant: 9 women had womb transplants in latest procedure from Sweden

Nine women who were born without a womb or had their womb removed for medical reasons are given another chance at getting pregnant with this new cutting edge surgical procedure from Sweden. The goal is for these women to get pregnant and carry a pregnancy full-term, according to the BBC on Jan. 13.

Womb transplant: Nine women had wombs transplanted so they can become pregnant.

The nine women participating in this experiment are all in their 30s. They have received wombs from living relatives. There were originally 10 women in this trial, but one needed to drop out due to medical reasons.

The wombs are not connected to the fallopian tubes, so they will not be able to get pregnant naturally. They can however have in vitro fertilization and carry their biological baby to full term if this procedure is successful.

All the women in this experimental trial are capable of producing eggs, so it will be their eggs used for the IVF procedure then planted into the womb. The baby will be the biological child of both the woman and her husband or partner.

Leading this experimental fertility project is Dr. Mats Brannstrom of the University of Gotheberg. He says if his new technique is successful, it can be beneficial to up to 15,000 women in the U.K. who were born without a womb or have a uterus that was removed for medical reasons.

Womb transplants were attempted in the past but were unsuccessful for carrying a pregnancy. While other countries are doing similar research, the Swedish technique is far advanced today.

The doctors on this team plan to share their technique and success rate with the rest of the world. This could be an option soon for the woman who cannot get pregnant.

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