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'Womb Raider' Julie Corey gets life for killing friend, cutting baby from womb

Julie Corey, 39, of Worcester, was given the mandatory term of life without parole by a judge for killing her pregnant friend and cutting the baby from her womb, according to an article on The Huffington Post on Thursday.

She was convicted last week in Worcester Superior Court of first-degree murder for killing Darlene Haynes in July 2009, three months after her own miscarriage, and passing Haynes' baby off as her own.

Haynes, who was eight months pregnant, was found dead in her apartment. The 23-year-old had been beaten and strangled with an electrical cord, prosecutors said. Her abdomen had been cut open, and the baby was gone.

Corey and Haynes were expecting to give birth just four weeks apart and they would spend hours over cups of coffee discussing the names they liked. Unfortunately, Julie had a miscarriage just three months prior to Darlene's murder.

After butchering her young friend and snatching her unborn baby she pretended it was hers, Corey then went on the run when her own relatives became suspicious.Two days later officials got a tip-off and the premature tot was found in a homeless shelter 130 miles away.

Corey, who during her trial had tried to pin the blame on baby Sheila Marie’s father Roberto Rodriguez, sobbed uncontrollably as the jury read out their verdict after 10 hours of deliberation.

DNA evidence and a fingerprint on a liquor bottle tied Corey to the scene, prosecutors said, and DNA evidence showed that the baby girl belonged to Haynes.

The little girl, now healthy at 4 years old, lives with her father.

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