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Woman who tortured boyfriend's dog to death receives short prison sentence

Dog killer, Sean Janas
Booking photo

On Monday, a Wisconsin woman, accused of torturing her boyfriend's dog to death, was sentenced to prison for the crime, reported WAOW News.

In a Marathon County courtroom, Sean Janas, 22, was handed a sentence of 27 months in prison; she was given credit for the 447 days that she has already spent in jail.

Janas, who was charged for mistreating and poisoning an animal, kept a diary of her cruel treatment of her boyfriend's four-year-old German shepherd mix "Mary," who ultimately died as a result of the abuse.

One of Janas' entries read:

“I’ve done lots of things already. I’ve given her drano, bleach and a lot of pain pills lol one night she got all tweaked out because of it, it was so funny.”

Another entry read:

“I have never hated an animal so much in my life, much less hate one or beat one. But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove drano and bleach down her throat is like no other,”

In court, Janas blamed the abuse on her heroin addiction and apologized for her cruel actions, stating:

I'm so unbelievably sorry for all the pain that I've caused,"

This isn't how I expected my life to turn out and this isn't the person I want to be, and I'm completely sorry for all of this.

After Janas is released from prison, she will remain on supervised probation for two and a half years and she will not be permitted to own an animal for five years.

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