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Woman was dead six years: No one knew because bills were paid with auto-pay

Woman paid bills through auto-day: No one knew she was dead for six years
Woman paid bills through auto-day: No one knew she was dead for six years

Having automatic payments for your bills is definitely convenient. However, when you die the bills will continue to be paid as long as money is in your bank account unless someone cancels the payments.

According to NBC 12 News on March 7, a woman had been dead for six years and no one knew because her car payments and other bills were paid on time every month through auto-pay. The payments were deducted from her bank account like the woman was still alike.

The woman's neighbors in Pontiac, Michigan didn't suspect a thing because the woman traveled a lot and kept to herself when she was home. Neighbors described the woman in her 40s and of German descent.

One neighbor mowed her grass to keep the neighborhood looking nice, and no mail piled up.

It was not until the woman's $54,000 was exhausted from her checking account and her bills stopped being paid that some became suspicious.

When notices about her mortgages went unanswered, her house was foreclosed. Still, no one looked inside the house or in the garage where the dead woman sat in the backseat of her car fully dressed with the key in the ignition in the off position.

The woman's mummified body was discovered last week when a worker from the bank went to repair the roof that he made the gruesome discovery.

Police were dispatched to the house for a welfare check in 2007 after a neighbor reported not having seen the owner in a while. After seeing no signs of anything amiss, police went on their way. Despite no one was living in the house for six years, it was never broken into.

Authorities are investigating to find out what happened. They are not releasing her identity until the woman's family has been informed.

Authorities are still waiting for a toxicology report. The medical examiner found no signs of trauma to the body, saying the woman's skin was still intact, but that the internal organs had decomposed.

Questions to readers:

Do you use auto-pay? If so, how long would your bank be able to pay your bills if something happened to you?

Are you such a recluse that people won't miss you if you were dead for six years?

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