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Woman wakes up on empty train, panics in train yard

A woman in San Jose, Calif. fell asleep while riding the train and she didn't wake up in time for her stop -- or any subsequent stop. According to a video report by NewsFix, Jessica Method woke up on the train and soon learned that she was trapped.

Method, 23, says that when she woke up, she was surprised to be all alone on the train. She exited the train car and realized that there was no one around: She was in a deserted train yard. Method realized that she was all alone in a gated maintenance yard so she figured she would call someone for help... but, of course, her cell phone was dead.

In an effort to try and get help, Method began pulling emergency levers. Unsuccessful, Method decided to try to get into the conductor's cabin. It was there that she found her salvation: A two-way radio. Fortunately two employees heard Method's message and came to her rescue.

CalTrain has said that they will be speaking to the conductor of that particular train because protocol wasn't followed. The train cars are supposed to be checked each night before closing time.

Check out the video above for more.

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