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Woman tries to stop plane: Halifax Airport incident shocks authorities

Halifax Stanfield International Airport
Halifax Stanfield International Airport

A woman tried to stop a plane at Halifax Airport because she thought that her husband was on his way to cheat on her with another woman, according to an Aug. 11 UPI report. Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested the woman after she scaled a 10-foot barbed-wire fence and ran across the tarmac in an attempt to stop the plane before takeoff.

According to the spokesman for the RCMP, Al LeBlanc, the woman ended up in the hospital for several cuts she received as a result of climbing the barbed wired fence.

Airport spokesman Peter Spurway was shocked by the woman's brazen act and he said this is the only time he's witnessed anyone getting past security and making it onto the airfield.

“I’ve been there for more than eight … years and this is the first incident of its kind that I’m aware of. The fact that she was seen by the navigation tower very soon after she got on the airfield … is important in that they were able to ensure that no aircraft ever came near her,” he said.

Interestingly, the aircraft that had approached the woman was a plane that had just landed and was parked, Spurway explained.

It was later learned that the woman tried to stop the plane because she believed that her husband was going to cheat on her. The 37-year-old woman, whose name was not released, is a resident of a small suburban community southwest of the airport. Airport officials revealed to the woman that her husband was not a passenger on any plane. LeBlanc said the woman was taken to hospital for a medical assessment and she is not expected to face any criminal charges.

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