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Woman throws neighbor's dog into traffic over parking space argument

Honey Bey, two year old Shih Tzu thrown into oncoming traffic over a parking dispute.
Honey Bey, two year old Shih Tzu thrown into oncoming traffic over a parking dispute.
Copy of court photograph courtesy The Star Ledger

In August 2011, a New Jersey woman, Haniyyah Barnes, broke into the home of her neighbor, grabbed her two year old Shih Tzu by the neck and threw her into traffic, according to The Star Ledger. The dog named Honey Bey was struck by a vehicle and killed, all while the owner watched and pleaded for Barnes not to hurt her dog.

Barnes appeared in court on April 29, 2014 and pleaded guilty, admitting to killing the dog. She was charged with burglary, theft and animal cruelty. The recommended sentence is six years in prison, $2,600 in restitution and a ban from having animals for 10 years, as well as anger management, and drug and alcohol counseling.

The argument that killed Honey Bey had to do with a prior agreement between Barnes and the victim, about Barnes and her family being able to use the victim's driveway. On August 26, 2011, Barnes became angry when she discovered the victim's car blocking one of her family's cars. She proceeded to kick in the front door of the victim's house to confront the woman. Honey Bey did what most dogs do, protected her home and owner by barking and rushing to her aid.

That's when Barnes grabbed the dog by the neck and with her owner fast on her heels trying to stop her, threw the little dog into traffic, where the dog died. A Newark police officer happened to be nearby and witnessed the entire scene. Barnes was arrested immediately.

Sentencing is scheduled for July 14, 2014.

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