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Woman that suspects her house is haunted learns it was home to a serial killer

Woman that suspects her house is haunted learns it was home to a serial killer
Woman that suspects her house is haunted learns it was home to a serial killer
Photo courtesy of CBS

A Missouri woman thought that her house might be haunted when strange things started happening after she moved in. She eventually learned that the house had a dark and sinister past, CBS reported yesterday.

Catrina McGhaw moved into a rented house in Ferguson, Missouri in March. Soon after she moved in she felt like there was a dark presence in the home. McGhaw later learned that her house was home to a suspected serial killer. The killer tortured and killed people in the basement of the house.

Before McGhaw knew about the house's dark secret, she claims that her 2-year-old niece was playing in the basement when she suddenly became agitated and started crying. The toddler was playing near a pole that the victims were tied up to. McGhaw thinks now that her niece saw the ghosts of the victims.

"She was scared like she saw somebody scared and crying and nobody was there," McGhaw said about the incident with her niece in an interview with CBS' affiliate KMOV.

McGhaw wouldn't have known about the house's evil past if it wasn't for a friend informing her about a cold case documentary on that aired on television. After watching the program McGhaw learned that suspected serial killer Maury Troy Travis lived in her house.

According to police, Travis was a 36-year-old waiter that used the house as a torture chamber and there were up to at least twenty people that were murdered in the home. Travis was charged with killing two women in 2002 but he committed suicide in the St. Louis County Jail before he was convicted.

In the documentary, McGhaw saw graphic videos of a crime scene that took place in her basement. A video that was made by the suspect depicted a nude female tied to a pole. The killer murdered the woman by strangling her with a belt.

McGhaw also learned that the suspect's mother was her landlady. After moving into the home, McGhaw was given free furniture that was left inside the house. McGhaw recognized a dining room table that she was given in the crime scene photos.

Should a home's grisly past be divulged to prospective home buyers or should they remain secret? Is this house haunted by the victims of the serial killer? Sound off with opinions in the comment section below.

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