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Woman takes photo of Jesus and disciples during an open time portal in Israel

Jesus is the most drawn, painted and written about character in Earth's history. With the Shroud of Turin getting new attention since scientists claimed that the image on the cloth could only have been created during a flash of radiation, the claim of archaeologist Ron Wyatt finding His blood on the Ark of the Covenant ( )and the death bed note left by the most famous and beloved 102 year old Rabbi that Yeshua/Jesus was the true Messiah prophesied by the Old Testament profits and the Torah ( ), Jesus' likeness is in question more than ever.

During a trip to Israel, an American tourist claims that she was met by an angel while she was taking photographs of the Holy Land and the angel opened a time-space portal exposing the real Jesus and a few of His disciples, including Joseph of Aramethia who donated His own tomb for the burial of Jesus/Yeshua after His crucifixion on the eve of the WEEKLY Sabbath. Much confusion surrounds the date on which Jesus laid His life down and was resurrected because of the mention of the Sabbath in Scripture. This information will clear up the confusion and will verify the only sign that Jesus promised the San Hedren temple priests when they asked Him to give them a sign that He is the promised anointed one of Israel. Jesus told them that the only sign they would get would be the "sign of Jonah", referring to his being in the belly of the fish for 3 days and 3 nights, a foreshadow of the Messiah being in the heart of the Earth 3 days AND 3 nights.

Most Christian churches teach a confusing lie about His burial and resurrection and since Jesus only gave the Jews one sign that would confirm He was and is the Christ, it is important that the record be set straight. Jesus was crucified on Wednesday the eve before the "high" Sabbath of Passover and his followers rushed to bury him before sundown with intentions of returning to prepare His body for burial (remember the woman with the expensive oil who anointed Him while Judas protested that the oil is being wasted and should have been sold for the poor) and Jesus prophesied that the woman was preparing Him "for burial" and instructed his soon-to-be betrayer to "leave her alone".

Once he was put in the tomb, He remained there (angels ark at each end NOTE) Wednesday night, Thursday day and night, Friday day and night and Saturday (the weekly Sabbath, yes there were 2 Sabbath's that week and it is unfortunate that bible scholars cannot count to 3 because there would have been less confusion about Jesus' identity had they taught correctly). He was seen Sunday morning by Mary at the site of the tomb in His resurrected glorified body just prior to His "ascending to the Father".

It is interesting to note that when disciples went to the tomb to verify that it was empty, that 2 angels were siting at either end of the spot where Jesus was buried, which is the real-life Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant which was built with 2 angels at each end of the area that housed the manifestation of God here on Earth. The burial cloth was also there unwrapped which was rumored to have been taken by a disciple and later kept in Turin Italy in the middle ages.

Back to the subject of which this article is entitled, the woman that took the photo claims that the angel opened a time portal and allowed her to take a photo of the Messiah and followers as supernatural proof for the current skeptical age. There is a video attached with details of the angelic encounter and the photograph in this article. Please leave your comments regarding this strange and wonderful story.

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