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Woman survives 50 minutes underwater in her car after plunging into Lake Houston

A woman survived for 50 minutes in her car after it plunged into a lake and was fully submerged in more than five feet of water. Fisherman witnessed the car plunge into Lake Houston and called 911 to report the car with a woman inside going into the water, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Friday morning April 4.

Woman survives for 50 minutes underwater after her car plunged into a lake.
Wikimedia Commons

The first responders thought that they would recover a body because the unnamed Houston woman had been in the water for too long of a time to survive. Then the bizarre moment happened as the car was being towed out of the water, reports the Fox News website.

A woman’s body floated out of a broken window, but she started to cough. This shocked the responders who immediately got the woman to the hospital. Her condition is unknown, but she was talking to police and EMTs before she left the scene.

Police and firefighters were stunned, they had never seen anything like this. After almost an hour submerged underwater, the woman is alive. Authorities believe she was able to stay alive due to an air pocket in the car.

The incident is under investigation. It is not known why the car ended up in the lake. While this is nothing short of a miracle for this woman, people have survived much longer under water once they've found an air pocket.

In the above video, a man is pulled out of the Atlantic ocean after surviving three days submerged in a capsized boat. Can you imagine the terror being in the dark water for three days? This is truly a miracle.

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