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Woman Strangles when Hair and Scarf are Caught in Montreal Subway Escalator

A woman met a tragic death in Montreal on Thursday when her hair and scarf were caught in the teeth of the escalator leading to the subway, according to Fox News. The 48-year-old woman strangled as she struggled to free herself from the escalator at the city’s Fabre metro station.

Metro escalator kills Montreal woman
Photo Credit - CTV News

As police continue to investigate they are now considering the death to be a most unfortunate accident. Yet, it still remains unclear why the emergency stop button did not halt the escalator. According to the Canadian police official commenting about the tragedy, Constable Jean-Pierre Brabant stated that there is, “an emergency stop button at the top and bottom of the escalator, as in all escalators serving the system, reported Fox News.

One of the unsettling questions that still remain is whether or not any of the onlookers who were on or near the escalator did in fact push the emergency stop button which may have prevented the unidentified woman’s death.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the first responders arrived at the scene of the accident as quickly as possible and immediately began efforts to resuscitate her. Unfortunately their efforts were not successful.

One of the metro subway riders told the Montreal Gazette that news of the tragedy was more than upsetting, since many of the riders tend to wear long scarves to protect themselves from the cold Canadian winter weather. Subway rider, Santa Joseph commented, “An accident like that … it’s hard to imagine a scarf could cause this. It could happen to anybody, if you don’t realize your scarf is dragging,” reported the Montreal Gazette.

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