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Woman stranded in car 5 days survives accident: Doctors to amputate both feet

Woman rescued after 5 days in her car after an accident landed her car down an embankment and hidden from the highway above.
Woman rescued after 5 days in her car after an accident landed her car down an embankment and hidden from the highway above.
CBS Local / Youtube screen shot

A Colorado woman survived five days stranded in her car after it plummeted down an 80-foot embankment and came to rest on its roof in a grove hidden from the rural highway above. The 43-year-old single mother of four kids wrote a message for help on an umbrella and stuck it through a broken window, according to The Inquisitr on May 5.

Kristen Hopkins plea for help said “six days, no food, no water; please help me; need a doctor,” reports Jim Cravener, one of the rescuers that helped save the woman. It was five long days that had passed when a motorist finally spotted her car and hiked down close enough to get a look. He saw what he thought was a dead body in the car and called the wreck into the authorities.

According to MSN News, the motorist alerted the authorities that there was a “body” in the car. When rescuers reached the car, Cravener said he asked one of his colleagues to break a window so they could get to the body. It was at this time they realized that the reported dead body was still alive.

Hopkins stretched out her arm toward the people who were there to save her. She was conscious and coherent, and although she told the paramedics that she was not hurt, it was very obvious to them that she was. Bruising on her face was the first indication that she was suffering some injuries.

A statement the Hopkins family released on Monday said that she is expected to survive her injuries, but she will lose both her feet due to injuries she sustained in the accident. Hopkins was reported as a missing person by her family after she was last seen on April 27, which was the day of her car accident.

Hopkins was traveling down U.S. Highway 285 when she left the roadway in her 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. How the accident occurred is still under investigation. The car struck several trees on the way down the embankment before coming to rest on its top in a grove near the mining town of Fairplay in Colorado’s South Park area.

Once the first responders got to Hopkins, the tedious task of extracting her from the car came next and that took some time and skill from these experts. She was awake and semi-alert when she was found but as the rescue was underway she started to fall asleep and the paramedics had to keep waking her up.

The rescue party was amazed at Hopkins' will to live with one stating this was like a story coming out of the show “I Shouldn’t Be Alive.” The spot where Hopkins' car came to rest was beneath an area people stop for leaf peeping during the fall, but not this time of year. Authorities say she is very lucky that a motorist happened to spot her. Hopkins remains in St. Anthony's Hospital in Denver today. She is listed in "critical condition," but expected to survive.

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