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Woman steals baby girl and takes her to Drug Dealer to buy Heroin

Heather Gipperich
Heather Gipperich

Charges were filed on February 20, 2014. Heather Gipperich was charged with Neglect of Dependent-Dependent Put in Situation Endangering Dependents Life/Health, and Taking a Minor/Endangered Adult to a Common Nuisance. The charges basically mean she took the baby to a drug dealer’s house to by heroin.

What is going on? I mean, I really don’t understand what is happening with all these mothers, babysitters, and women abusing and neglecting their children? I would like to know more about the mother and how all this came about. I think the mother may be at fault in some way. I may be wrong, but I am sure we will know more as the story plays out.

You can get more detailed information from WSTB 22