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Woman stabs two pit bulls with filet knife: Dogs killed by 'wild, mad lady'?

A woman used a filet knife to kill two pit bull dogs that came at her and her dogs while taking a walk through their neighborhood. This woman just happened to have a filet knife with her and at the ready when it came time to take down these two dogs.

Woman kills two pit bulls with filet knife, owner said she didn't have to kill her dogs, even though they were attacking her and her dogs.
YouTube screen shot

This is a bizarre and controversal story coming out of a city in the Southern California desert, according to NBC News on May 25. Debbie Duran and her friend were walking through her Apple Valley neighborhood with her three German Shepherds and a pit bull charged them and began a brutal attack.

The dog attacked her dogs and her friend. Within seconds, the first pit bull was joined by a second pit bull who was equally as vicious and also in an attack mode aimed at these two women and three dogs.

Duran said that the dogs had only one thing in mind, which was “to possibly kill me” and “to definitely kill my dogs.” She also said that the knife that she happened to have with her she carries for protection, according to NBC News local.

Both pit bulls were stabbed to death and the owner of the dead dogs said that Duran “didn’t have to kill her one-year-old dogs.” Angel and JoJo had gotten loose through an open garage.

Kathy Suggs said she couldn’t get near enough to reach in and get her dogs because Duran was swinging the knife like a “wild, mad lady.” She believes Duran overreacted.

Suggs asked “Who walks around with a butcher knife?” She believes that Duran had set out with the “intent to kill the dogs.” One of Duran’s dogs suffered bite marks around its neck.

When the sheriff’s deputies questioned Duran they believed she had the knife for protection and allowed her to keep it. Suggs was hit with a fine for her dogs running loose and that will cost her $200. She lost so much more than that though, her two pets are now gone.

The dog owner should have made sure that the dogs couldn’t get out of her yard because they did go after people and dogs. Carrying a butcher knife might sound extreme, but pit bull attacks, or dog attacks for that matter, have led to people dying in the past.

This is a sad case of two dogs dying that didn’t have to, but not because they went after a woman carrying a butcher knife. It was because they were able to get out of the yard, which was the owner’s responsibility to make sure that didn’t happen.

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