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Woman spends over a decade knitting a coat and hat from her hair for her husband

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On Jan. 30 Jezebel reports that a woman in China has spent over a decade knitting her husband a hat and coat from her own hair. Xiang Renxian says that her hair began falling out in her 30s she wanted to preserve her beauty and give it to her husband. Xiang says that people envied her long, shiny black hair so she kept every strand, even the ones that dropped. She had collected her hair for years before she finally decided what to do with it.

Once she had the technique down, she slowly began her first ever knitting project of knitting a coat. Xiang was slow going because she first had to weave the hair, 15 strands to equal one piece of standard worsted weight yarn. It took a long while because she had to wait for more hair to fall out. She used a total of 116,058 strands of hair for both the coat and hat. She started knitting in 2003 and finished the coat by 2008. Then the hat was completed by 2011.

She says that the coat needed a bit of something extra, so she waited for her gray hair to grow long enough to weave her name and the date of completion of the project into the cuffs of the coat. Xiang says that she loves they way that the project turned out, and it looks adorable on her.

To see the finished project, check it out here.