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Woman sneak US suitcase: Officials catch illegal immigrant hiding in a suitcase

A woman tries to sneak into the US via suitcase but alert authorities were able to foil the attempt of illegal immigration at a border crossing in Nogales, Ariz. As reported by CNN on Jan. 8, the woman sneak US suitcase story occurred on Dec. 30, 2013, when U.S. border protection officials discovered a woman from Thailand in a suitcase while inspecting a Honda SUV which was trying to enter the US.

The agents found Pornkamol Mongkolsermsak, 48, hidden under clothes in a large suitcase in the back of the vehicle, which was driven by a 56 year-old from Phoenix, whose identity has not been revealed.

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"Rarely do we see something like this. You can imagine the border officers' surprise when they came upon this woman crammed inside a suitcase, but there she was," Edith Serrano, a spokeswoman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, expressed.

A spokesman for Customs and Border Protection said the woman was charged for attempting to return to the country after being deported.

This bizzarre case of a woman trying to sneak into the US via suitcase has been turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to Customs and Border Protection officers.

Authorities do not know yet if the defendant has a lawyer or not.

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