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Woman sleeps with 10,000 men

Woman has sex with 10,000 men
Woman has sex with 10,000 men

June 30th, 2014 News picked up a revelation that a woman slept with 10,000 men and went viral. Gwyneth Montenegro was bullied in school, something that made her have a low self esteem. When she reached 18, she got herself into the worst corner of the sex industry. Recently, she revealed the reasons behind her sex romps. She further went ahead to claim that she slept with over 10 000 men. Over 90% of the men she slept with were married.

Gwyneth Montenegro lived in Australia in her early years. She went to an Australian private school before she became one of the highest paid sex workers in the country. She often earned $2000 per night from people who sought the privilege of having her company.

She says that the bullying in school is what led her to the sex industry. She further adds that she was a girl with a very low self esteem in her childhood. She never felt good about herself. She was a normal girl next door. She was a girl that nobody would expect would be an escort. However, she says that all that time, one of the things that she really wanted to do was to make a lot of money. Her desire to make money coupled with the low self esteem naturally led her to the adult entertainment industry.

As most of her friends were striving the become lawyer and doctors, she was giving men lap dances and was on her way to becoming an escort. She kept a journal where she recorded every single of the 10,091 men she slept with. Though journalizing started as joke, it really helped her cope with it. She says it was not something she set herself to do, but with the addictive champagne and cocaine, she realized later that she had lost 12 years of her life.

Gwyneth Montenegro says that she does not regret what she did with her clients, who she describes as white collar businessmen. She claims that she helped the married ones save their marriages. This is because she believes that men can never cheat if they get the sex they need in their marriages. She adds that men do not turn of the switch that controls their desire for sex just because they are married. Men cheat not because they can but because they want to satisfy their biological desire for sex. She concludes that men can never leave their wives for escorts.

It did not take long before Gwyneth Montenegro had millionaires queuing to have a taste of her. They were all read to give her a glamorous lifestyle. All through, her parents knew that she earned her fortune from modeling. Gwyneth says that over the years she perfected her craft- she was able to give her clients their fantasies as well as be a good listener and companion. She could do two days with dirty weekenders or simple weekend dates sin five star hotels. She admitted to her friends that one of her best clients was an 84 year old man.

She could charge up to $2000 a night. However, she was very isolated and lonely. She only had a handful of friends. Although it seemed to be very successful life, she admits there was a high personal price attached to it.

She was exposed to cocaine in her mid 20s and she was able to get the best of it. She used coke for 6 to 8 months before she was involved in a terrible car accident. It was then that she realized she had to get out of the seedy lifestyle. While in the hospital, she decided to confess the truth to her parents. They forgave her. She took flying lesson after recover and she is now a full time commercial pilot. She has published a book titled ’10 000 Men and Counting’ that is about her former lifestyle. The 36 year old says that she may look for someone to settle down with in her 40s but she is not in a rush. She wants to live her life one day at a time.