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Woman selling heroin in Happy Meals ‘emotionally crushed’ by arrest

The woman arrested for selling heroin in McDonald’s Happy Meals is “emotionally crushed” by her arrest. She arrested on allegations she was selling the heroin to drive-thru customers and hiding it in the Happy Meals.

Shantia Dennis' attorney claims she is 'emotionally crushed' by the allegations levied against her.
Allegheny County District Attorney's office

Shantia Dennis, 26, was supposed to be in court on Tuesday, Feb. 10 for her preliminary hearing. Dennis’ attorney, David Shrager stated that the hearing had been postponed so the Allegheny County prosecutors had time to get the results from the tests the crime lab performed on the drugs.

On Jan. 29, Dennis was arrested after selling 10 doses of heroin and hiding it inside a Happy Meal to a confidential informant for $80. According to the police, the customers would call her before coming to the Pittsburgh McDonald’s.

When the customers called her, they would use the code words, “I’d like to order a toy” to let her know they wanted to buy heroin.

Shrager said to the press, “She is a single mother of two children, she’s in her mid-20s and she’s struggling like a lot of people in our economy now. Certainly, if the allegations are correct, a transaction like this would net a person no more than $10 or $15.”

While Shrager didn’t issue any denials of the allegations, he did say, “I’m still investigating it at this point.”

Dennis’ employer, Iftikhar Malik, the owner of the McDonald’s franchise released a statement regarding her arrest. “As an employer and a member of the community, the safety of our guests and employees is our first priority.”

“The allegations related to this employee do not represent acceptable behaviors and are not consistent with my values.” Malik is cooperating with the investigation and prosecutors have revealed that they don’t believe Malik was involved with the sale of heroin or had any knowledge of it.

The criminal complaint filed against Dennis stated that for the $82 the informant paid to her, he received the $2 meal in addition to 10 stamp bags. Stamp bags are individual doses of heroin.

In addition to the money from the informant, police discovered another $80, a small amount of marijuana and another 50 more stamp bags of heroin in Dennis’ purse.

Dennis is set to appear in court for the rescheduled preliminary hearing on April 9. The judge will determine whether or not prosecutors have enough evidence to go to trial.

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