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Woman in seal pool: Bikini-clad woman sneaks into seal pool for photo op

Woman in seal pool: Bikini-clad woman sneaks into seal pool for photo op
Woman in seal pool: Bikini-clad woman sneaks into seal pool for photo op
Seal / Wikimedia Commons

A woman evidently craving some excitement was caught sneaking into a seal pool at a Berlin zoo. Her after-hour dip into the seal enclosure was caught by zoo staffers, but the woman and a man, who was poolside snapping pics of her and her romp with the seals, fled before zoo officials could detain them. The incident happened Saturday at the Berlin Zoological Garden in Hardenbergplatz, Germany, approximately 30 minutes after the zoo closed for the day.

Reuters news service on Tuesday, via Yahoo News, said the woman risked “serious injury to take a swim with the animals after closing time, zoo authorities said.”

A witness who saw the unlawful plunge said: “I watched as the woman stripped to her bikini and then lowered herself into the seal pool. Further back was a man taking photos.”

Zoo manager Ragnar Kuehne said they would have held the couple and called police had they not escaped, adding that the woman’s swim posed a potential danger to herself and the animals.

“The woman could have been seriously injured if the seals had bitten her,” Kuehne said.

A spokesperson for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Doerte von der Reith, said what the woman did was irresponsible.

“People need to respect animal welfare in both the wild but also in captivity,” she said. “To intrude into their compound is absolutely irresponsible.”

Pictures of the woman, reportedly English or American, were released by the Berlin Zoo in the hopes that someone may identify her.

Reports, which also carried the pics released by the zoo:

The lovers looked like campers because they were carrying camping gear. The man placed his index finger on his mouth as a sign to tell the witness don’t say anything.

The English speaking individual who had a large tattoo on her left shoulder disrobed herself and dived in the seal pool.

At least she didn’t decide to skinny dip with the sharks.

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